All of the rules, tools, applications and regulations created in line with the objectives of protecting the information in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, not being obtained by unauthorized persons, not being exposed or spoiled, not being changed by unauthorized persons for purposes contrary to the company rules, and being accessible when necessary. It is called. 

Confidentiality: The viewing of the content of the information is restricted to the access of only those who are allowed to view the information / data. 

Integrity: It is the prevention of the modification or deletion of some or all of the information by unauthorized persons, when this is not possible, the detection of unauthorized persons who have changed or deleted it and to ensure its detectability. 

Accessibility (Usability): The asset is ready for use whenever it is needed. In other words, the systems are always available and the information in the systems is not lost and always accessible. In order to provide Information Security for our business continuity and information assets in our company;

Our objective as Kansai Altan is; 

  • Ensuring the identification of the policies and standards necessary for the requirements of information security management systems while also carrying out the documentation, resource allocation and continuous improvement operations  

  • Ensuring that all legal regulations and agreements related to information security are met 

  • Identifying the risks related to work processes and ensuring their systematic management 

  • Making sure that the fundamental and supporting business activities of the establishment are carried out with minimum interruption 

  • Sustaining and developing the security of the establishment by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility principles of the assets 

  • Carrying out the required trainings for improving technical and behavioral capabilities for taking the information security awareness to the next level 

  • Ensuring that information is accessible to only the authorized individuals 

  • Reducing the probability of a breach in information security while ensuring that a coordinated response is given in case of a breach 

  • Securing the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information assets of our customers within the scope of Information Security Management System 

  • Protection of our brand value in the face of our employees, customers, suppliers and the public, 
    while carrying out our activities in an efficient manner integrated with our other management systems thus striving to become a pioneering establishment with regard to information security in the Coatings sector. 

    All our personnel are obliged to abide by these rules.