Osmangazi Bridge Project (Izmit Bay Transition Suspension Bridge)

02 August 2016

Kansai Altan Boya San. Tic A.Ş was selected as a paint supplier and controller for painting main cables of Osmangazi Bridge. Kansai Altan Company successfully completed the project. The main cables painting began in the first week of June and was completed in four weeks. Osmangazi Bridge, which is  the fourth largest bridge in the world in terms of main span length (tower to tower length 1550 meters ). This project is very important in that it is a reference to our activities especially  in the field of Protective Coatings.

Figures  (approximately)

Main Cable Length : 6 km (2x3 km)

Total Painted Area  : 18.000 m2

Average Dry Film Thickness  : 600 microns

Total Paint Used  : 40 tons

Total Inspection Time : 800 hours (average 4 Kansai Altan Inspectors)