blo We generate sustainable quality thanks to our customer-oriented business mentality.blo

At Kansai Altan, our faces are turned towards the future with the strength we get from technology. Thanks to this perspective, we strive to meet the demands of our customers as well as the innovations required by our sector. We are of the opinion that it is valuable to contribute to the continuous development of the sector with our high-quality service understanding and strong organizational structure. 

Highest quality standards are in place at all stages of production thanks to the Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Operation and Supplier Quality Development and Process Support departments that are part of our Quality Department. 

Quality Control 

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The Quality Control Laboratory is the stage at which 100 % party controls are conducted for raw materials, semi-products, and products as well as the environmental controls for the prevention of pollution and contamination risks. 

In this department, we are conducting indirect material controls for the first parties of all new suppliers and each shipment of routine purchases to identify the non-coating related crater risks. We conduct cleanness controls for barrels, drums and IBCs to eliminate packaging related pollution and contamination risks. 

Quality Assurance 

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The Quality Assurance Department manages all activities that will improve the presence, continuity, development, and effectiveness of IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. In addition to system development, we ensure that all our employees contribute to the quality process through operational (Kaizen Projects, Inspection Activities etc.) and social (Social Responsibility Projects etc.) activities through the internally established Quality Volunteers organization.

Quality Operation 

Ürün Tasarımında Çevre ve Sağlık

Our Quality Operation Department inspects feedback from our internal and external customers using the required quality tools to reach our goals for the perfect production processes while also ensuring that the lessons learned from the findings are shared throughout the company. Thus, employees at every level can contribute to the system by identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. 


Supplier Quality Development and Process Support 

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We must take into consideration all kinds of threats to quality expectations for ensuring the sustainment of our quality at all stages. For this purpose, we strengthen the cooperation with our shareholders in the supply chain, provide trainings for improving “input quality” and encourage continuous learning through inspections. We conduct on-site visits in case we encounter problems in addition to following up the process by planning corrective and preventive actions. All problems, plans, actions, special requests are recorded as corporate memory by way of a special software. We develop rapid and effective solutions related with the programs required for digital platforms for the efficiency and sustainability of the Quality Management System processes.