Coupled with the technical capabilities required for the related position, we also take into consideration the personal characteristics of the individual and his/her compliance with our corporate culture. We also give special importance to ensuring that our candidates are in accordance with Kansai Altan’s primary values of business ethics, customer orientation, empathy, unity, sense of responsibility, health, safety, and environment awareness. 

Our objective is to evaluate candidates with high potential and motivation at departments suited to their abilities, competencies and expectations hence starting them off on a career journey that will lead to the creation of mutual values here at Kansai Altan. This journey consists of four stages for new graduates, young professionals, and professionals. 


We see our employees as our most valuable asset, and we develop our vision with the human resources synergy we aim for. We prioritize the concepts of open communication, instant feedback and agility in Human Resource management. We provide continuous improvement in all our processes in order to have the most talented employees and to create a positive work environment.

We accept it as our main goal to bring the right talent who shares our company culture and values to our family. We aim to take both ourselves and our employees further with employees who are distinguished by their talent and knowledge level and focus on development in their field of expertise. In line with our values and corporate culture;

We manage all our HR processes such as recruitment, talent management, career management, training and development programs, taking into account the competencies required by the job, employee potential and current performance. To be a part of the Kansai Altan family, you can access all our open positions on our Career Portal and apply.


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Project Based Internship Program 

Proje Bazlı Staj Programı

In order to conduct a more effective summer internship program, we are preparing a 3-month project-based program through Project Based Internship Program for 3rd and 4th year university students planning an internship at our company during the summer period through. 

We establish vacancies every year in our company for potential recruitments and the projects that will be put into effect after which we conduct various elimination and interview processes (resume elimination, phone interviews, English examination, case study) to direct the successful students towards different projects and departments based on their competence and level of knowledge. 



Reach Yönetmeliği

With this implementation, we aim to ensure that the interns experience a more effective and result-oriented experience both for themselves and our company. We expect our interns to consider this process as a professional and social development opportunity. It is also among our objectives to discover the potential profile of new graduates along with new talents for future recruitment opportunities. 

Internship responsible pre-assigned for each department during the internship period guide the interns throughout their internships. In addition, the mentors appointed by executives meet with the interns at certain periods to interact with them on various subjects such as career planning and professional life. All our project interns receive payment, accommodation, and transportation amenities. 

From Our Interns

Obligatory University Internship Program 



We provide summer internship opportunities each year to a limited number of university students from various departments. 

The requirements for candidates to be considered within the scope of the internship program are having an obligation for internship, being insured by the educational institution as required by the law numbered 5510 and the full payment of the insurance premium. 

Internship Application and Evaluation Process 
Internship applications are made through the internship applications link at our website as required by LPPD (Law on the Protection of Personal Data). 


Following a pre-evaluation of the incoming applications, phone interviews are conducted with intern candidates meeting the required criteria. Evaluations and placements are made during the selection process based on several conditions such as whether the internship is obligatory or not, the grade point average of the student, whether the insurance will be covered by the educational institution as well as expectations and demands from the internship department. 

All students are evaluated and followed up by the manager of the related department and the Human Resources department following the internship period. 

Obligatory Vocational High School Internship Program 

Zorunlu Meslek Lisesi Staj Programı

We provide internship opportunities at Kansai Altan for Trade / Vocational High School students in accordance with department quotas and the departments of students. 

Internship Application and Evaluation Process 
Students for internship are requested from nearby schools and applications are collected as per requirements. Following a pre-evaluation for the applications, collective interviews are conducted with the internship candidates that meet the required criteria. Grade point averages of the students, expectations, and requests from the department where they are required to/desire to carry out their internships are taken into consideration during the selection process followed by the related placements. 


 Frequently Asked Questions    

How can I apply for a job opportunity at Kansai Altan? 

  • On our Career Portal
  • Through job postings at Linkedin/ platforms 
  • You may carry out by filling out the job application forms at the security office.

What are the types of internship opportunities at Kansai Altan? When can I submit an internship application? 
Different internship programs are conducted at our company including the Obligatory University Internship Program, Obligatory Vocational High School Internship Program and Project Based Internship Program. You may acquire in-depth information at the related links. 

How can I receive information on my Kansai Altan application? All applications submitted to our company are recorded and evaluated in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Feedbacks are provided to our candidates via phone/SMS/e-mail after the evaluation period is completed.