blo We know that sectoral success and quality in production is possible through investments to R&D activities. blo

Due to our business principle, we place significant importance on research and development, and we conduct significant investments in this field.

Our R&D center holds 16 % of our employees carrying out activities such as product development, troubleshooting and product design for customer requests. Technology transfers from both intragroup and third-party companies as well as technology centers are also among important activities of our research laboratory. 

We manufacture about 5 thousand different products for 6 different sectors in 8 production facilities designed with contributions from our R&D center and we ship these products to our customers in Turkey as well as abroad. According to the Contract Manufacturing Agreement of which we are a signatory, all production for all activity areas of AkzoNobel Kemipol is ongoing at the Kansai Altan facilities.

There are five different laboratories at our center serving different fields of activity with the aim of designing products either demanded or required by the customers. 

koruyucu boyalar

There are five different laboratories at our center serving different fields of activity with the aim of designing products either demanded or required by the customers. 

Renk Araştırma Laboratuvarı
Color R&D
Polimer Araştırma Laboratuvarı
Polymer R&D Laboratory
Proses Laboratuvarı
Process Laboratory 
Analiz Laboratuvarı
Analysis Laboratory 
UV ve Korozyon Yaşlandırma Laboratuvarı
UV and Corrosion Aging Laboratory 
Fizikokimya Laboratuvarı
Physical Chemistry Laboratory 

bloWe spare about 3.3% of resources for R&D activities, a value that is well above the industry standards. blo


blo Sustaining the status of being a leading brand in the market is possible only through the integration of innovation ideas and technologies.blo

Since our establishment in 1982, we have been aiming to take part in the market with innovative products while adopting a growth and development strategy based on research and development. As Kemipol Inc, we have been continuing to attract attention with our innovative products since 1985 when we started to increase our activities for automotive manufacturers and thus, we are increasingly known as a company raising the standards in automotive coatings industry. Through our R&D investments we support the growth of not only our company but also of our sector. 


surdurebilirlik R&D activities of profit-oriented private sector industrial establishments are in accordance with market/customer expectations and demands. The developed technologies should be transformed into products that are marketable and that generate added value. Otherwise, it will be difficult to ensure the sustainability of R&D activities. In this regard, we as Kansai Altan take into consideration the demands and expectations of our customers while planning and conducting our investments. 

Our R&D based technical employees have always been active in management and decision-making processes. This team that responds to the demands and expectations of the sector with innovative solutions has played a key role in the orientation of the company towards R&D and innovation activities. 

Our R&D Center is continuing its research activities with internal work groups to contribute to sustainability while also taking an active part in various national and international platforms for conducting activities to increase product development capabilities. 

We are also continuing our efforts at our R&D Centre to put into effect the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software for the digitalization of corporate memory and the improvement of project management processes. 

The EU Project NoVOC is an initiative aimed at eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from battery manufacturing through dry or wet processing methods. This project follows a strategy to address environmental and health concerns associated with VOC emissions during battery production. The NoVOC brings together a capable and experienced team in the fields of active materials development, formulation, cell manufacturing, cell testing, process modeling, digitalization, recycling, and life cycle analysis to achieve this goal, collaborating on various battery projects such as ECAIMAN, Li-PLANET, 3BELIEVE, GRAFREE, HemKoop.

We are pleased to contribute to this project with our expertise in the electrical, chemical, and physical resilience of binders.

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Leading the Sector with New Products and Continuous Innovations 

In addition to the current demands of the customers, innovative companies should also foresee and take into consideration the future product requirements. 

Thanks to our medium- and long-term R&D strategy, we follow global advancements and base our activities on providing pioneering technologies. We give importance to polymer design as the building block of organic coatings.

yeni ürun At our Polymer Research Laboratory, we not only work with polymers for large-scale production but also on development activities for polymers that require different production technologies while sparing the greatest resource within the scope of our R&D activities to product and process development. 

As part of our R&D activities, we also carry out physical chemistry studies and mechanical analyses regarding the formation of organic coatings and their curing processes. We conduct product development activities in four main groups. 

High Solid Products
High Solid Products
High solid products are those that have a relatively low amount of volatile organic matter compared with their conventional alternatives. Volatile organic compounds which play an important role during the manufacturing and application process of coatings, leave the coating film during shrinkage and curing diffusing first to the application area and to the atmosphere if the necessary measures are not taken. Thus, high solid products have started to be preferred more with regard to process efficiency as well as the reduction of environmental impact. We are continuing high solid polymer and coating design studies in line with the improvement of process efficiency and reduction of environmental impact and hence our sustainability goals.
Products that can Provide Energy and Process Efficiency to Our Customers
Products that can Provide Energy and Process Efficiency to Our Customers
We give importance to energy efficiency to ensure the sustainability of production activities and thus reduce the operational costs of our customers. In the near future, we are aiming to develop products that will provide energy and process efficiency to our customers. 
Multi-Functional Products
Multi-Functional Products
We spare resources for our Polymer Research Laboratory to conduct studies on organic additives that will provide new functions to nano materials and coating systems that are widely use in multi-functional products. We also carry out projects for nano-particle synthesis and the functionalization of nanoparticles. 
Multi-Functional Products
Multi-Functional Products
The final objective of these projects is the proper functionalization of nanoparticle surfaces based on the coating systems they will be used with. Automotive clear coat systems are among the primary product groups for which these nanoparticles will be used. In this way, we are aiming to solidify our competitive and innovative leaderships in the automotive clearcoats industry. 
Waterborne Products
Waterborne Products
The term waterborne coating systems is used for coating systems in which all or majority of the carrier phase that provides viscosity to the coating is comprised of water. Evaporation of water as the carrier phase during the coating film generation process is not problematic regarding atmospheric pollutants. The impact of water on product cost is relatively minor compared with its organic alternatives. Hence, waterborne products sometimes provide cost advantages as well. For these reasons, we are continuing to develop products that will contribute to our customers.