We conduct product development activities for the coating requirements of the metal industry for use on different surfaces such as sheet metal, galvanized surfaces, molding, stainless steel and zamak surfaces. We conduct coating design activities in accordance with the line conditions of our customers, specifications, performance expectations in line with international standards and legal regulations. We provide a wide range of products for applications such as spraying (conventional and electrostatic), roller, dipping and drum applications for sectors ranging from metal part and zipper manufacturers for the textile industry to exhaust, rod, truss, ballast, bicycle, and electrical motor manufacturers. 

We provide solutions with our alkyd, styrene alkyd and acrylic topcoats designed for different gloss intervals on anticorrosive primers (air dried and 2K epoxy) in line with the customer specifications and expectations for the long-term protection of metal surfaces against rusting and superior weatherability. 

We also provide solutions with our PVB based primer and topcoats to meet requirements for perfect adhesion on many surfaces (sheet metal, phosphate sheet metal, galvanized and light metals) as well as for rapid drying and easy sanding for demands with emphasis on superior heat and corrosion resistance using our modified alkyd and silicon resin containing topcoats suited for applications with spray, roller, and brush. 

Coated parts: Exhaust, damper, filter cup, pump, rod, piston, truss, ballast, collector, molded surfaces, electrical motors, button, and zipper, washing machine and drying baskets, bicycle, silo, precast concrete panels, compressors, scaffolds, cranes, chains etc.