Exterior Plastic Parts 
We provide color and strength solutions for exterior plastic parts in the automotive sector. These plastic parts are of different structures such as thermoset, thermoplastic and they also vary regarding injection processes. Color matching, durability against mechanic and weather conditions are significant in the automotive industry. The color systems we develop for exterior plastic parts provide the color matching process, adhesion quality and exterior durability.

We are serving our customers with one and two component polyester/acrylic basecoat, two component polyurethane clear coat and two component polyurethane topcoat systems for exterior plastic parts such as buffer, mirror cap, door handle, spoiler, and mesh. 

Interior Plastic Parts 
Recent technological advancements have transformed vehicles into mobile homes. This resulted in making the concept of interior “beauty” more prominent. The use of plastic parts increased rapidly for providing the desired interior appearance as well as enhancing fuel economy by reducing the weight of the vehicle. 

As Kansai Altan, we use our wide portfolio addressing the visual pleasure and sense of touch of our customers to provide the products demanded in line with the changing market dynamics. We also develop and provide colors with opaque, metallic/pearl and chrome effects as well as “soft-touch” products with high chemical durability that are velvety to the touch. 

We are happy to contribute to the sustainable production processes of our customers thanks to the comprehensive technical support we provide in all stages from product development to pre- and post-application.