As a brand serving the continuously growing automotive sector, we gave priority to the market trends and the dynamic demands of the customers at the international level thus expanding our production volume for passenger cars. The fact that Kansai Paint technologies is globally used by many automotive manufacturers further reinforced our brand recognition. 

We provide high quality solvent products, primers, clear coats, topcoats along with waterborne primers and base coats. 
Following the increased importance that we give to environmental protection, our R&D team developed projects for the development of extremely durable waterborne base coat technologies that can protect vehicles from adverse weather conditions for extended periods of time.

Moreover, they are also working on 3-wet application processes while providing innovative solutions to the varying demands of passenger car customers with a wide basecoat color palette. In the near future, we are aiming to locally develop colors that have the potential to set contemporary trends and to respond rapidly to all demands as the market leader thanks to our well-structured and highly capable R&D team.

We will continue supporting all our customers for a sustainable production process with the comprehensive technical support provided during production development as well as before and after applications.