Cataphoretic coatings that provide coating for metal surfaces based on principles of electrochemistry for improving the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces are among the most effective products for the protection of metal parts against rusting. Grounded in Japanese technology, Kansai Altan’s last generation cataphoretic coating aims to contribute to the sustainable productivity of OEMs active in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors along with wheel manufacturers, domestic appliance manufacturers and those that provide contract coatings in addition to the component industries. 

Accordingly, we provide environmentally friendly, lead and tin free products that can penetrate complex surfaces easily and that enable homogeneous film formation at high-speed production lines. Cataphoresis provides high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, high edge corrosion performance, high penetration strength, low VOC as well as a smooth surface and has many advantages. 

• Long filter change times 
• High UF module production capacity and long UF maintenance period 
• Low temperature curing (155 °C, 20 minutes) and thus low energy consumption 
• Ability to operate circulation pumps at low cycles and energy advantage thanks to high coating stability