Expectations for increased coating efficiency and decreaed coating cost

Efficiency can be improved mainly in two ways. The first one is the 3 Wet application process. In this process; primer, basecoat and clearcoat are applied wet on wet in sequence. In current practice, after the primer is applied and cured in a separate oven, the basecoat and clearcoat are applied wet on wet and both cured together. The operational cost and CO₂ emission will be decreased due to saving of energy in 3 Wet application by eliminating the primer oven.

VOC emission will be further reduced by using waterborne primers. Some technical problems can be expected when waterborne basecoat is applied wet on wet with waterborne primer. The interpenetration of the both waterborne layers should be avoided, and the orientation of special effect pigments in basecoat should be controlled. Most of these problems are already solved by research and development activities of paint producers.

Painting car body parts separately can improve efficiency and also leveling that contributes the esthetic appearance of the paint film.

Typical 3 Wet Application Process can be figured as Above?

 The schematic representation of separate parts painting process can be shown as below

 By painting parts seperately:

  • Smaller cabins can be used which leads considerable energy saving.
  • More surfaces can be painted horizontally, as a result better appearance of paint film will be achieved.
  • Spraying equipments can be changed and their cost can be reduced.
  • Painting process can be shortened considerably by UV painting. Higher cross linking density and faster curing are achieved in UV curing paints, which lead to increased scratch resistance of the paint film. There is not much data about stone chipping and long term durability performance of the UV paints and this is the greatest uncertainity that limits their applications. UV technologies should also be developed for colored coatings.

Color matching and application technologies need to be improved in order to be able to paint parts separately.