Dipping applications:  The homogeneous film thickness on the object to be painted is ensured by adjusting the application viscosity of the paint and object output speed. An important problem encountered in dipping applications of solvent-borne paints is the risk of fire caused by solvent evaporating from the surface of the dipping tank. Therefore, although the use of water-borne paints that have low flash point is preferred, the use of solvent-borne paints are also used for painting small objects in this kind of applications.

Flow coating applications:  Flow coating applications are preferred in painting objects that are too large to be dipped, with a method similar to dipping applications. Application of coating to the surface by pouring the coating by means of a hose etc. Coating is then collected in a bottom container to be pumped back to flow coating process. Taking the object to be painted into a closed cabinet can prevent foam that may occur on the surface, depending on the geometry of the object and the speed of flow.