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Established in 1918, Kansai Paint Co. Ltd. is today among the largest manufacturers in Japan and one of the largest developing companies in the country. 

With a total revenue approaching 3,9 billion $ and about 16.460 employees, it holds a significant importance among the leading coating manufacturers. 

Kansai Paint and its group of companies play a critical role in the global coating market with a product and service portfolio based on a holistic perspective with products of significant appeal not only in Japan but throughout the European countries, United States of America, China and India with their aesthetic, cost, efficiency, and environmental regulation related performances. It has a total of 93 production facilities in 34 countries. 

Automotive Coating activities account for 26 % of Kansai Paint’s revenue. Its products are widely used and preferred by many automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers of worldwide renown. Industrial Coatings is the second largest sector for the Group. Its production activities are classified under 5 main groups: 

Otomotiv Boyaları
26% Automotive Coatings 
Sanayi Boyaları
26% Industrial Coatings 
İnşaat Boyaları
26% Decorative Coatings 
Oto Tamir Boyaları
6% Car Refinishes 
Deniz ve Koruyucu Boyalar
5% Marine and Protective 
8% Others

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