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We are implementing ISO 14001 Environment Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Responsible Care principles for meeting our continuous improvement objective in health, safety, and environment related activities. 




All our activities are maintained to prevent
any mishaps on the wellbeing of
our employees and
other people. 



We strive to prevent accidents and hazardous
incidents that might take place during
the activities of our employees
and subcontractors. 



We prevent and minimize the adverse impacts
of our activities and products on the
environment through proper design, production,
distribution, usage, and disposal procedures. 


In order to achieve these objectives; 

  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) – related activities are integrated into all company activities.
  • Compliance with regulations, Responsible Care principles, directives of the group and customer requirements are made corporate rules.
  • HSE objectives are set and periodically reviewed to ensure continuous improvement in HSE performance.
  • During product and process design, possible effects on HSE are taken into account.
  • Appropriate HSE information is provided for customers, contractors and others who are affected from our activities.
  • Employees are encouraged to make suggestions that can help improve HSE aspects of products and processes.
  • Communications are carried out with official and non-governmental organizations to improve HSE performance.
  • Reduces health and safety risks, determines and implements protection measures, by eliminating the dangers in order to prevent injury, health deterioration, environmental protection and environmental pollution that may arise from activities.
  • HSE management system performance is monitored with measurable goals and continuously improved.
  • Ensure to consultation with and participation in HSE issues and increases the awareness of the employees.
  • We are aware that emergencies can occur at any time, and we manage emergencies with full preparation and coordination under all circumstances.
  • All ignition sources are kept under control and the fire risks of our business are evaluated in every dimension. Countermeasures are taken at the highest level and the effectiveness of the measures taken is evaluated.
  • We produce energy efficient projects and focus on the use of green energy resources.
  • We value our resources and aiming to reduce or avoid waste of any kind, including water and energy. This is done either at the point of origin or through processes and measures.

Responsible Care® 

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Responsible Care® is a global, voluntary initiative for the chemical industry implemented globally for employee health, technical safety and environmental protection, energy efficiency, resource use and sustainability. 

It was first launched by the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association in 1985 and is now practiced in over fifty countries. 

It is our principle within the scope of Responsible Care® that we have undertaken since 1998 to develop, produce and present products with minimum risks towards our employees, the society, our customers, and the environment. We are acting with this awareness while improving continuously. 

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Undesired outcomes such as global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, decrease in animal and plant diversity, increased prevalence of air, water and soil pollution are indications that environmental problems have reached a global scale. Hence, we are of the opinion that the economic and environmental atmosphere should be evaluated as a whole. 


We are acting with the awareness that the energy consumed in all stages from production to delivery make an impact on environmental issues, CO2 emissions and global warming. We are aiming to use environmentally friendly products and develop technologies for minimizing energy consumption in all operations. 

As a requirement of the Kyoto Protocol signed by many countries within the scope of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, we conduct our activities to contribute to the objective of our group company Kansai Paint to reduce CO2 emissions. 

All wastes at Kansai Altan facilities are classified, stored, transported, and disposed of in accordance with regulations. Focusing on means of recovery/recycling for the wastes in line with the sustainable development principle is among the primary objectives of our company. 

Individual awareness is of utmost importance for a clean environment. For this purpose, we cover all expenses for the trainings of our employees and customers thus pioneering the sector by increasing awareness.