blo We develop sustainable chemistry solutions with
the guidance of technology focusing on people and society. blo

We are a coating manufacturing company with an annual coating production of 90 thousand tons and polymer production capacity of 32 thousand tons located on an area of 110 thousand m² in Izmir. As Kansai Altan, we have a joint partnership with Japan based Kansai Paint, one of the largest coating manufacturers in the world and we are active in the fields of automotive coatings, industrial coatings, and protective coatings. 

We are a leading company in the sector thanks to our corporate administrative approach at international standards, our design principles with a strict focus on people at every stage of the way and the collective awareness that we have developed in the field of social responsibility. 

In addition to production, we make significant contributions to the development of the sector through investments on research and development activities. 

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We always strive to be better by integrating innovative ideas to the production process in line with the expectations of our customers and future generations! 
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Boya Üretim Kapasitesi
Paint Production
90k tons
Polymer Production
32k tons
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