Expectations for reducing adverse effects of painting process on environment

The adverse effect of painting process can be decreased by reducing CO₂ and VOC emissions and waste contaminants.

These adverse effects can be reduced by increasing efficiency as explained in previous paragraphs and by modifying current application technologies.

The basecoat and clearcoat can directly be applied on cataphoresis coated body by eliminating the primer layer which eases the application process and reduces the consumption of paint. Using powder slurry varnishes and applying water based paint for body parts will also improve current application technologies.

It should be noted that when the topcoat is applied on cataphoretic primer without a spray primer layer in between, the topcoat should be able to protect cataphoretic primer from UV light. Otherwise, aromatic epoxy resins in the  cataphoretic primer will be degraded under UV light exposure which may cause delamination in paint layers.

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