Aluminum-Steel Wheels  
Aluminum alloy and steel sheet wheels enable the drivers to personalize their vehicles based on their own tastes while also making a direct impact on the performance, fuel economy and comfort of the vehicle. Steel wheels are generally used with plastic wheels and require regular cleaning against dirt and rust build up. On the other hand, aluminum wheels may acquire an attractive appearance with unique designs and the “diamond-cut” process.

As Kansai Altan, we provide a wide product portfolio to our customers for aluminum and steel wheels. The single component medium/high solid acrylic and polyester basecoats along with single component acrylic clearcoat systems are developed for conventional/electrostatic spray and bell applications. In the meantime, single component acrylic and polyester topcoat systems provide extreme weatherability and a satisfying appearance for steel wheels. 

Cast Iron/Metal Parts 
Many metal parts are used in the automotive industry such as the motor block, brake disk, damper, and fuel tank. The fact that vehicles are prone to external elements leads to moisture related rusting thus dramatically reducing the lifetime of metal parts. Even though majority of these parts are not directly open to environmental factors, they are affected because they are inside the vehicle body. At this point, protective coatings gain a significant importance.

As Kansai Altan, we increase the durability of metal parts with our anti-corrosive alkyd and epoxy coating systems while further extending the lifetime of these parts. We are proud to be a sustainable solution partner for our customers through the comprehensive technical support we provide during the product development process as well as before and after application.