Social Responsibility

kansai altan sosyal sorumlulukAs Kansai Altan, we believe that commercial success should be built on ethical values and that it should be attained in full respect and harmony towards people, society, and nature. Our philosophy is based on continuing our manufacturing activities for meeting the demands of today without endangering posterity. 

Since the time of our establishment, we have made it our founding principle to move towards areas where corporate success intersects with social welfare to ensure the sustainability of our social responsibility. As has always been the case in the past, we are continuing to develop projects in different areas and to create value for all our shareholders as a corporate entity. 

Our Projects 

Project for the Implementation of Green Operation Practices and Living Areas 

We started our project for the “Implementation of Green Operation Practices and Living Areas” as part of our efforts against global warming with an awareness of our responsibilities towards our planet and the society. We are continuing our trainings to direct our employees towards individual energy savings both at the workplace and at our homes. In addition, we are also carrying out works to design our plant and future investments to provide energy savings. Our primary objectives are to measure the total energy consumption at the plant and to identify the improvement goals for each period while ensuring the sustainability of our sense of responsibility. 

Foundation for Establishing and Developing Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Hospital (KİT-VAK) Project

KİT-VAK started for the purpose of constructing a Guest House to support the relatives of socio-economically disadvantageous patients, to provide them with a service building for accommodation and to provide facilities to ease their treatment processes. The Guest House was built only through support from benefactors and went into service on October 7, 2011. 

As Kansai Altan, we also came together with KİT-VAK authorities for supporting this project within the scope of Social Responsibility Project. All internal and external façade coatings for the KİT-VAK Guest House building with a capacity of one hundred beds where on average 36.500 people can stay annually were provided by our Kansai Altan company. 
Moreover, all requirements for the child playroom inside the Guest House were met by our Kansai Altan company within the scope of the social responsibility project. 

Turkey Association of People with Disabilities Donation 

Turkey Association of People with Disabilities collaborated with the Public Education Center as part of an İşkur project and organized a web design course. A total of 10 computers, 1 projector and 1 printer were procured by our Kansai Altan company for the use of physically impaired course attendees. 

Kızılay Blood Donation

Through the Blood Donation Campaigns that we organize in cooperation with Kızılay Izmir Blood Donation Center, we contribute to the blood and blood component demands of our country by way of the voluntary donations of our employees. As part of the Periodical Blood Donation Campaigns, Kızılay serves us at our factory for informing our employees on “STEM CELL DONATION” and to provide support to those who wish to be stem cell donators.