We see product and service quality as the most important element of our business that ensures customer satisfaction and affects our success. In Kansai Altan, we describe quality as complying with relevant standards and fulfilling customer requirements through working in line with defined specifications and procedures with a coordinated effort in all stages of our work.

In order to ensure and maintain customer satisfaction, we care about being a partner of our customers and thinking in a customer focused manner. We pay great attention customer feedbacks, improve ourselves and provide solutions. We help them in improving their processes.

We are building long term and mutually beneficial relationships. In order to achieve these we are training our employees.

We are aware of the need for a strong technology base. We are continuously reinforcing our research departments with regards to human resources and infrastructure. We are communicating with other research departments within Kansai Paint. Taking into consideration the market demands, we are both designing new products ourselves and localizing exterior technologies.

We are measuring our quality management system processes with performance indicators and organizing preventive actions in case of deviations. We are monitoring the system by means of internal audits.

We see audit findings as opportunities for improvement.

We are cooperating with our suppliers and contractors in order to realize our objectives. We are monitoring performance of our suppliers and giving them feedback.

We are encouraging our employees to make suggestions concerning products, processes and services.

We are maintaining compliance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 and keeping up to date with customer approvals.

We will develop original projects that will make a change in our business sector and keep working towards being the first choice of our customers