Product Description:One-component primer comprised of Polyester-amino or urethane modified polyester-blocked isocyanate-amino resins. To be more pronounced to protect the CED-coat from UV-light and environmental impacts, to provide excellent adhesion onto CED-coat contributing to the flexibility compatibility within layers and to enhance the visual appearance of basecoat or topcoat applied onto via hiding the pattern of the surface due to high hiding power and good levelling characteristics.
Business Unit:Automotive Coatings
Sector:Commercial Vehicles
Area of Usage:Light Commercial Vehicles, Truck
Surface Information: CED-coated CRS, galvanized steel and aluminum surfaces
Product Group:Primer
Product Chemistry:Polyester
Application Recommendations:To be able to sprayed by conventional gravity or suction cup guns, bell or pneumatic robots. To be cured at 140 °C (object temperature) for 30 minutes.