Kansai Altan Started Local Cataphoresis Paint Production

01 July 2019

Eyüp Altan says Kansai Altan Boya is a paint production company with a capacity of 80 thousand tons per year, operating on an area of 100 thousand square meters in Izmir. He stated “At the same time, we supply around 80 percent of our polymer need, which is the main raw material of paint, through our polymer production plant working with a capacity of 18 thousand tons, which is located in the same campus.‘’

All stages of production and laboratory decisions are monitored and controlled with a real-time barcode system. The barcode system is also utilized in input controls for quality assurance, providing lot traceability at all levels.

Eyüp Altan stated that the cataphoresis primer, which provides coating on metal surfaces based on the principles of electrochemistry, is one of the most basic products used in the protection of metals against corrosion. He said, “The last generation cataphoresis primer, which we produce based on Japanese technology, stands out with its high corrosion prevention performance, excellent surface appearance, high coating ability into closed and detailed areas, efficiency in resource use and environmentally friendly features.

This product has been used in passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers, wheel manufacturers and general industrial production lines in Turkey since 2011 and now is produced entirely locally, starting from its resins, including emulsion and pigment paste, in our facilities in Izmir Kemalpasa, and is supplied to both domestic and abroad markets” he said.